Enchanted forest

One of our most labour intensive, but also most breathtaking environments.

The forest consists of both 180° trees, suitable for walls and 360° stand alone trees, which make strong features and can be used to great effect to hide an unwanted pillar or frame a stage. We can supply a single tree or many, making this a very scaleable option.

The forest can be dressed in a variety of styles to suit your event, for example, icicles and snow, butterflies, or woodland creatures. The trees can also have green leafy canopies or be bare branched for different and seasonal effects.

The tree trunks are variable in height and can reach over a whopping 5m from the floor.

The forest can be used as a standout feature decor, or fully dressed with piled leaves, pine cones, ferns, ivy and logs to create a fully immersive set for your event.

Suggested themes might be Woodland realm, Magical world, Fairy tales, Hunger games.