We love creative lighting and can provide both interior and exterior situations.

Our decor is most striking when lit effectively, and for that reason we prefer to provide our own lighting whenever possible.

  • Classic colour wash uplighters , a must have to create a party atmosphere.
  • Architectural lighting to highlight a feature building.
  • Coloured tree lighting.
  • Festoon can light the way, and add a pretty effect.
  • Ultra violet can create a magical glow.
  • Gobos are projected images that can be used to create moving patterns within your space.
  • Intelligent lighting systems can be installed to move and change with the patterns of your music.
  • Disco balls give a great focal point ot the decor and send out a sparkle of lights around them.
  • Pea light canopies can create a pretty wall, or web of twinkly lights.
  • Solar 250 are great for op art, oil wheel and other effects.
  • Wireless lights are fantastic for a sleek and polished look, and of course if power is not available.
  • We are constantly adding to our lighting inventory, so if you are looking for something in particular please ask.


Introducing the colourwalk runway.