This is tent is known as the 'Siam Tent' at WOMAD, Charlton Park

Picture of Psychedelic decor and white sails in the Siam Tent at WOMAD, Charlton Park

We bring plain, temporary structures and stages alive, immersing audiences with aerial decor and enhancing the overall experience at major festivals including WOMAD, End of the Road and the up-and-coming Fieldview.

Our work at festivals is generally within large structures such as big tops, kayam tents and saddlespan tents.  We rig using all terrain cherry pickers to reach the high hanging points.  Our experienced rigging crew are qualified to operate most mobile elevated working platforms.

Our first job when working in large temporary structures is to install a network of steel cable from the framework of the structure from which we then suspend our decor.  A festival installation typically takes 2 to 3 days to complete.

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